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 Scandvik, Catalogs, Downloadable PDF files, and Helpful Videos
Scandvik Catalogs:
Scandvik Catalog No. 21 (shows all products)
Lighting Catalog
Table Pedestal, TV Lift and Strut Catalog
Linear Actuator Information
HOT WAVES Marine Water Heater User Guide
2018 Scandvik Marine Hose Clamp Catalog

Dolphin Battery Chargers:
For information regarding the the Dolphin Battery Charger Product Line, including the Owners Manual, Technical Specifications, Installation Instructions, and Warranty Information click on the resourceful links below. You may view, download and print these PDF files.
Dolphin PROLITE Manual
Dolphin Premium Manual for 12V-10A, 12V-15A, 12V-25A, 12V-40A, 24V-20A
Dolphin Premium Manual for 12V-60A, 24V-30A
Dolphin Pro Manual for 12V-70A, 12V-90A, 24V-40A, 24V-60A, 24V-80A, 24V-100A
Dolphin Pro Manual for 24V-150A
Dolphin Manual for Touch View Controller
Dolphin Manual for Batview Battery Monitor

Planus Marine Toilet Systems
Scandvik is pleased to announce that we are now a supplier of PLANUS electric head systems in the US, Canada and the Caribbean. Although Planus is a new company, they are not new to the marine toilet business. "PLANUS was born out of the in-depth experience gained by our staff over more than twenty years of collaboration with shipbuilders. The basis of our knowledge is due to the continuous support we supply directly to the shipyard and on board, and to our constant adaptation to the needs of the customers."
Practical Sailor Electric-Flush Toilet Review
Planus Grinding System
Planus Toilet Installation Instructions
Planus Artic Series Exploded View

Scandvik is now the supplier of TEAK WONDER® in North America and the Caribbean. Products include Cleaner, Brightener, Dressing & Sealer and Instant Teak Cleaner. Available by the case.
Data Sheet - TEAK WONDER® Dressing & Sealer
Data Sheet - TEAK WONDER® Cleaner
Data Sheet - TEAK WONDER® Brightener

LED Retail POP Display Header Cards
Our LED Retail POP Displays come with laminated header cards inserted into the top of the display. These cards contain information helpful for your customer to decide which LED bulb they should select to replace their incandescent or Halogen bulb. We have put these header cards here if you would like to use them. There is one for the Small Display and one for the Large Display.
Header Card for Small Display
Header Card for Large Display

LED Spreader Light Installation:
LED Underwater Light Installation:

Planus Artic Marine Toilet Demonstration:

Planus Toilet Motor and Pump Replacement:

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