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ABA 316 stainless steel clamps are the perfect choice for applications where premium corrosion resistance is required. All parts are made of 316 stainless steel.

All Pressed Worm Gear Housing
The all pressed worm housing increases the strength of the hose clamp by 30%. Since the radius of each housing is carefully adapted to the relevant hose diameter and due to the smooth transition between housing and band, extremely good compatibility with the shape of the hose is achieved.

Intact Grain Structure
The intact grain structure increases the strength reserve of the clamp and enables you to use an ABA clamp up to ten times. This picture, magnified 10 times, clearly shows how the material in the band is compressed at each ridge of thread without the fibers of the steel being sheared off.

Rolled-Up Band Edges
The rolled-up band edges of the ABA hose clamp prevents it from cutting into the hose and forming such a smooth transition between the edge of the band and the hose that crack formation and fractural impressions are avoided. Consequently even inexpensive hoses last longer. The threads are specially stamped and leave the inside of the clamp completely smooth. The smooth inside of the band eliminates friction between the hose and the band, thus the clamp will seal 360° around.

Thread Engagement
Thread engagement gives strength and reliability. The square threads of the screw are rolled and those on the band stamped by a special process. The 6” thread pitch angle not only gives you a completely vibration-proof clamp but also a clamp which grips the hose more firmly all the way around without calling for more force on the screwdriver.

Parts Inspection
During the manufacturing process, the ABA hose clamp passes through nine series of inspections covering material, tolerances and properties. To give one example, the clamp is test-loaded to predetermined tightening torque. The off-load torque, which should not exceed 1 Nm, is checked on every 50th clamp.

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