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Dolphin Premium Range Battery Chargers

Dolphin Pro and Pro-Touch Range Battery Chargers

Whether for professional or private use, our battery chargers meet the needs of all applications, from the simplest to the most complex.

Designed and developed by engineers, ergonomically structured and technically efficient, our premium and pro chargers generate power wherever it is needed in an intelligent manner.

MDP is now CATS POWER DESIGN, manufacturing the Dolphin brand products.

MDP Electronics has been a pioneer in the fields of control and power electronics for more than 25 years. Technologically advanced products, which are easy to use, versatile and unfailingly reliable.

You can rely on MDP Electronics!


A range that is compact and powerful, easy to use, versatile and extremely secure. Its competitiveness is based on three key elements:

1. 100% aluminum housing: the housing provides excellent resistance to harsh environmental conditions, especially shock and vibration. The housing also acts as a heat sink: by dissipating heat to the outside, it improves its long-term reliability.
2. Charging time is optimized by 4 charging stages which automatically adapt to the battery’s charge level.
3. All our chargers are equipped with three battery outputs with the same power.

For more information regarding the the Dolphin Battery Charger Product Line, including the Owners Manual, Technical Specifications, Installation Instructions, and Warranty Information click on the resourceful links below. You may view, download and print these PDF files.

Dolphin Premium Manual for 12V-60A
Dolphin Premium Manual for 12V-10A, 12V-15A, 12V-25A, 12V-40A, 24V-20A
Dolphin Pro (Next Generation) Manual for 12V-70A, 12V-90A, 24V-40A, 24V-60A, 24V-80A, 24V-100A
Dolphin Pro Manual for 24V-150A
Dolphin Pro Manual for 12V-60A, 12V-90A, 24V-40A, 24V-60A, 24V-100A
Dolphin Manual for Touch View Controller
Dolphin Manual for Battview Battery Monitor
Dolphin (old model) Manual for 12V-30A, 12V-40A, 24V-20A


Dolphin Premium BC

  DOLPHIN BATTERY CHARGERS / Pro and Pro-Touch Range

Dolphin Pro BC

  DOLPHIN BATTERY CHARGERS / Pro Controllers and Monitors



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