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"Scandvik's goal is to maintain a steady growth in the marine wholesale industry by providing quality products and excellent service. We strive to represent and/or manufacture products that are unique in design, function or material. Our most important asset is our customers. It is imperative to us that each customer is always treated with professionalism and courtesy. We strive for excellence by providing goods on time."

Name: Sebastian Blackman
Designation: President
Extension: (772) 567-2877 Ext. 235
E-mail: sebastian@scandvik.com

Name: Annaki Frederick
Designation: Vice President
Extension: (772) 567-2877 Ext. 234
E-mail: annaki@scandvik.com

Name: P. Jacob Stalquist
Designation: Purchasing Manager
Extension: (772) 567-2877 Ext. 222
E-mail: jacob@scandvik.com

Name: Steve Bedell
Designation: Product Control
Extension: (772) 567-2877 Ext. 231
E-mail: steve@scandvik.com

Name: Sally Wellmaker
Designation: Customer Service Rep.
Extension: (772) 567-2877 Ext. 223
E-mail: sally@scandvik.com

Name: Naline Brits
Designation: Order Entry
Extension: (772) 567-2877 Ext. 237
E-mail: naline@scandvik.com

Name: Janet Pasquale
Designation: Administrative Assistant
Extension: (772) 567-2877 Ext. 227
E-mail: janet@scandvik.com

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